There she goes. There she goes, again!

…to quote the lyrics of the 2009 song of the same name by the La’s.

Today, I am flying to the Dominican Republic to visit my Camino brother and sisters. It feels like going home. Isn’t that an interesting little paradox? The Camino is now home, and everyday life is the journey.

The Camino has become a touchstone in my life, an experience that I can return to time and time again when I am struggling or weary of it all or pushed to my limit, when I think of giving up, when I think to myself, “I can’t do it. It’s too hard.” Then. It’s then that I remember, my body remembers, my heart remembers. I remember walking the Camino through Spain. I remember the calm and peace of the air and the countryside. I remember the pain. I remember the joy. I remember the smiles and the tears, the sun and the rain. I remember the peace and quiet outside in the fresh air and open fields, and I remember the noise that was inside, inside my head. And I remember how every day that noise grew quieter and quieter until it was just a whisper, barely there.

So, welcome aboard! Let’s again travel together this particular journey and share what we learn along the way!

Bienvenidos, Malia

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